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Simlog Heavy Equipment Simulators

Simlog offers 16 different Heavy Equipment Personal Simulators that bring safe and affordable PC-based skills training into your classroom. Engaging job site realism and instructional design that aligns with operator certification standards such as NCCER and NSC-OSHA assures that your program will prepare students for in-demand careers in construction, logistics, public works, mining, and forestry.

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Personal Simulators for Industry Trades Programs

Demand for heavy equipment operators is projected to grow at an aggressive pace in the next decade. As an active participant in helping to bridge that gap, Simlog Personal Simulators have been instrumental in the creation of hundreds of new Heavy Equipment Operations (HEO) Programs, including successful education-industry programs.

Training programs utilizing personal simulators provide students with the opportunity to explore new skills in a safe, cost-effective, and self-managed way. By preparing your students at the controls of Simlog Personal Simulators, they learn core skills in a low-stress, repeatable environment. Accidents that would normally damage equipment and potentially cause injury now happen at the simulator instead. Students learn the correct way to do things at the simulator, and are able to repeat the process until they achieve success, increasing confidence in their operating skills as well as saving wear and tear on real equipment.

Many cost-effective simulator setup options are offered to meet the training expectations of local employers with entry-level and more advanced equipment fleets. Alignment with industry recognized training standards such as NCCER, can be incorporated into CTE curricula for career exploration and skills development.

Logistics Simulators

Construction and Crane Simulators

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