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Simlog Wheel Loader Personal Simulator

Simlog’s Wheel Loader Personal Simulator has dual flexibility to train students for either construction or logistics tasks. Configurable with bucket or forks, wheel or stick steering, and small, medium, or large wheel loader size, students have the opportunity to gain a well-rounded knowledge before ever sitting behind real-life controls.

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Simlog’s Wheel Loader Personal Simulator is a true training value. Sit behind the controls of this modern wheel loader equipped with either bucket or forks and complete simulation modules based on a typical construction site with a dump truck or flatbed truck, or a commercial site that resembles a typical loading/unloading yard at a factory or warehouse.

Teach real-world operating skills incorporating the 9 simulation modules of increasing difficulty. Modules include:

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Positioning
  • Stockpiling 1 – work with the bucket on ground level
  • Stockpiling 2 – work with the bucket on slopes
  • Load Handling 1 – work with the forks on level ground
  • Load Handling 2 – work with the forks on slopes
  • Load Handling 3 – work with the forks to load/unload a flatbed truck
  • Truck Loading 1 – work with the bucket to load a dump truck
  • Truck Loading 2 – work with the bucket to spot and then load a dump truck

Available with a choice of simulator controls

For smaller spaces and budgets as well as portability needs, the Table-Top Mounted Controls are the perfect solution. USB-ready, light weight and portable, you will be able to create your own operator chair where and when you need by setting up the easy to assemble multi-purpose replica controls and pedals.

For a superior simulation experience, the Operator Chair with Industrial Controls checks all the boxes. The chair comes fully assembled and USB-ready, and is constructed on a durable steel platform with casters for easy movement. The adjustable seat, steering and arm consoles allow each operator to sit comfortably while training.

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