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Simlog Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator

Simlog’s Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator is a world’s first in the construction training industry. It is a versatile, four wheel drive machine able to perform a wide variety of construction site tasks. Add the ability to configure the machine in multiple ways – such as with a Vertical or Radial lift path, bucket or forks, operator controls and even color combinations, and you have a simulation trainer capable of teaching the real skills for productive and safe equipment operations in the field.

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Start exploring the capabilities of Simlog’s Skid Steer Loader Personal Simulator in your training program. Students perform a wide variety of construction site and material handling tasks with this versatile, four wheel drive machine. You can configure the skid loader to meet your criteria with options such as selecting a bucket (with or without teeth) or forks. Options also include Vertical or Radial lift paths, and two different color combinations.

Table-Top Mounted Controls

Operator Chair with Industrial Controls

Teach real-world operating skills with the 8 simulation modules that increase in difficulty.

  • Controls Familiarization
  • Positioning
  • Stockpiling 1 – Load, Move, Dump on the Ground
  • Stockpiling 2 – Work on Slopes
  • Truck Loading – Load a Dump Truck
  • Load handling 1 – Work at grade
  • Load Handling 2 – Work on Slopes
  • Load Handling 3 – Load/Unload a Flatbed Truck

Measure how quickly and how carefully the simulated work is performed by referencing the Key “Performance Indicators”. You’ll be able to track events related to safety and operating procedures, including the imminent danger of a rollover.

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