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Amatrol HVACR Training Program

Amatrol’s HVACR Training Program combines innovative HVACR training courses with world-class simulators featuring industry-standard components. Aspiring HVACR technicians receive an unparalleled learning experience that combines interactive eLearning curriculum with hands-on training systems. Training covers areas such as heat pumps, refrigeration, troubleshooting, geothermal, and much more!

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Industrial, Commercial, and Residential HVACR Skills

Amatrol’s HVACR training offerings concentrate on industrial, commercial, and residential heating and cooling. These cover conventional methods like air conditioning, as well as aspects such as insulation, lighting, ceiling fans, and renewable energy systems like geothermal. The range extends to encompass a steam training system, addressing crucial skills applicable in paper mills, power companies, and even nuclear submarines. These thermal products resonate with programs like HVACR, Power and Energy, STEM, and Industrial Maintenance.




Allegheny Educational Systems Amatrol FaultPro Computer-Based Fault Insertion Software main screen shot


Computer-Based Fault Insertion Software

Amatrol’s FaultPro is the industry’s only computer-based fault insertion software designed for electronic troubleshooting training. Instructors can create tailored faults to enhance students’ skills. The system inserts faults into various training setups, simulating real-world troubleshooting scenarios. Students learn to diagnose issues and apply solutions using Amatrol’s training systems. The software’s electronically-controlled circuits can activate failures in the equipment, enabling hands-on experience. FaultPro offers numeric and mastery grading methods for assessment, encouraging comprehensive learning. It’s a powerful tool that bridges theory and practical skills, ensuring students and instructors benefit from realistic training.

Explore Amatrol’s Interactive HVACR Skills Chart for insights into essential skills and corresponding training systems for aspiring HVACR technicians.

Visit the Amatrol HVACR web page for additional information.

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