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Amatrol HVACR Commercial / Industrial Training Systems

Amatrol HVACR Commercial/Industrial Training Systems provide comprehensive training in commercial and industrial refrigeration, emphasizing safety, flexibility, efficiency, energy savings, and preservation. For commercial use, these systems suit general public applications with compact sizing and a 7 to -20 degrees Celsius temperature range. Industrial refrigeration covers a wide temperature spectrum, from the highest to lowest points of mechanical compression, with frozen temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius, allowing for many different applications and various forms.

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Quality Trainers and State-of-the-Art Curriculum.

Amatrol’s systems excel in effectiveness, efficiency, and durability. Innovative curriculum accompanies each trainer. Interactive, adaptable, and SCORM-compliant, the curriculum includes quizzes, eAssessment, and simulations for hands-on learning. Cloud-based LMS and hard copy materials ensure comprehensive education for customers.

Smart HVACR Controls (T7300)

The HVAC Controls System, T7300, is a comprehensive training solution with features inspired by the 85-MT5 Electric Motor Control Training System. It offers a dual-sided layout with 12 panels (expandable) and incorporates built-in safety mechanisms and optional FaultPro computer-based fault insertion software. The system simulates 9 circuit variations and includes refrigerant simulation. The accompanying curriculum spans 13 lessons and 37 skills, covering topics from electrical safety to diverse HVAC control circuits for both residential and commercial applications.

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Commercial Refrigeration Learning System (T7400)

Amatrol’s T7400 Commercial Refrigeration Learning System fills the skills gap for future technicians. It imparts hands-on skills and troubleshooting prowess for commercial refrigeration systems, applicable in businesses like supermarkets and restaurants. Using real components like compressors, valves, and smart controllers, learners grasp operations and adjustments. FaultPro, a computer-based fault-insertion system, enhances troubleshooting experience. With an interactive curriculum and practical guides, the system readies technicians to handle modern commercial refrigeration challenges confidently.

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Industrial Refrigeration Learning System (T7500)

Amatrol’s T7500 Commercial Refrigeration Learning System offers comprehensive training, encompassing VFD control, Ethernet data acquisition, optional FaultPro (PC required) with a Toolkit, water flow meters, chillers, water-cooled and air evaporators, stepper motor control, defrost techniques, thermistor and pressure transmitter usage. The curriculum encompasses key topics such as connecting electrical control components, troubleshooting, system operation and adjustment, component function checks, system performance assessment, controller programming, and airflow measurements, including velocity, static pressure, velocity pressure, and total pressure evaluation.

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