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Amatrol HVACR Fundamentals

Amatrol’s Fundamental HVACR Training Systems cover essential concepts and skills that aspiring technicians need for success in the HVACR industry. Trainers include: Refrigerant Recovery and Charging, Combined Refrigeration Installation, Thermal Science, Geothermal Troubleshooting, Geothermal Flush Cart, Steam Systems, Thermal Technology, and Basic Refrigeration.

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Refrigerant Recovery and Charging Learning Systems for R-134a/R-410a (T7031/T7032)

Amatrol’s Refrigerant Recovery and Charging Learning Systems (T7031 for R-134a and T7032 for R-410a) offer hands-on HVAC training to aspiring technicians. These systems provide real-world experience with essential equipment like recovery machines, manifold gauges, vacuum pumps, and more. Learners also benefit from interactive eLearning to cover refrigerant fundamentals, leak detection, pressure measurement, recovery and recycling techniques, and charging methods. Amatrol’s approach ensures that HVACR students gain practical skills and theoretical knowledge, preparing them for success in the industry by working with industry-standard tools and procedures.

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Combined Refrigeration Installation Learning System (T7200)

Amatrol’s Combined Refrigeration Installation Learning System (T7200) offers comprehensive hands-on HVAC training through a workstation and interactive curriculum. Ideal for future HVACR technicians, it covers electrical and mechanical refrigeration/air conditioning installation in residential or light commercial settings. The system includes real-world components like evaporator coils and compressors, enabling learners to practice skills crucial for the field. The multimedia curriculum addresses topics such as tubing routing, bending, flaring, and soldering, fostering real-world HVACR proficiency. With user-friendly features and pre-mounted components, this system facilitates practical learning and skill development in a classroom or facility environment.

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Thermal Science Learning System (T7081)

Amatrol’s Thermal Science Learning System (T7081) offers comprehensive training in modern thermal systems, from HVAC to refrigeration. With a broad curriculum, learners explore concepts like heat transfer, thermodynamic laws, and refrigeration thermodynamics. Hands-on experiments using components such as vacuum pumps and bi-metallic strips reinforce theoretical knowledge, bridging the gap between theory and application. The curriculum employs interactive multimedia with animations and quizzes, ensuring a solid grasp of thermal principles. This system acts as a foundation for practical thermal skills and can seamlessly lead to further training in refrigeration and heat pumps (T7082).

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Geothermal Troubleshooting Learning System with Desuperheater (950-GEO2D)

Amatrol’s 950-GEO2D Geothermal Troubleshooting Learning System with Desuperheater offers comprehensive hands-on training in renewable energy applications. Through an exposed component layout, learners can understand each geothermal system element’s role. This system boasts sight glasses for observing refrigerant state changes, pressure and temperature gauges, and a custom ground simulator for continuous operation. Equipped with FaultPro, an electronic fault insertion program, learners master troubleshooting skills for residential and commercial geothermal systems. Additional training includes startup, operation, shutdown, and maintenance. The system covers desuperheater water heating, system components, and industry-standard features, offering practical insight into geothermal technology and problem-solving.

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Geothermal Flush Cart Learning System (95-GEO3)

Amatrol’s Geothermal Flush Cart Learning System (95-GEO3) equips learners with the skills to effectively clear debris and air from geothermal loops, ensuring optimal system performance. By demonstrating procedures to flush, purge, charge, and pressurize geothermal systems with glycol/water solutions, this hands-on training imparts essential techniques to avoid potential damage. The mobile Flush Cart training system, complemented by interactive multimedia, provides real-world experience in geothermal loop maintenance. Learners gain theoretical insight and practical proficiency in green energy practices, preparing them for geothermal system operation and maintenance.

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Steam Systems 1 Learning System (950-SH1)

The Amatrol 950-SH1 Steam System Training System (Product Number: 950-SH1) offers a comprehensive learning experience on steam systems, covering their operation, installation, maintenance, and repair across various applications. The curriculum combines practical applications, such as boiler operation, with theoretical concepts, like thermal expansion. The system includes industrial-grade components like an electric boiler, condensate feedwater system, and valves, providing hands-on exposure to real-world mechanisms. Safety precautions are also emphasized, teaching learners steam system hazards and preventive measures. The program covers a broad range of topics, including steam science, pressure control, heat exchangers, and more, fostering a well-rounded understanding of steam systems.

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Thermal Technology 2 Learning System (96-TT2)

The Thermal Technology 2 Learning System (96-TT2) offers comprehensive training in air conditioning, refrigeration, and heat pump systems. This practical course equips students with industry-relevant skills, guiding them through operation, installation, analysis, and adjustment of these thermal systems. With a mobile workstation featuring industrial components, instrumentation, and microprocessor control, learners gain hands-on experience. The course employs vapor compression principles and various expansion methods, facilitating exploration of diverse thermal applications and system designs. Through experiments and instrumentation features, students develop a solid understanding of thermal concepts, preparing them for real-world applications.

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Basic Refrigeration Training System – Hands On HVACR Skills for Technicians (T7045)

The Basic Refrigeration Learning System (T7045) by Amatrol provides hands-on HVACR training, introducing technicians to a compact refrigeration unit for practical learning. With transparent sections allowing observation of refrigerant phase changes and temperature-pressure gauges for cycle comprehension, learners gain skills applicable in industrial, residential, and commercial HVACR fields. This system equips future technicians with maintenance and technical abilities, covering heat transfer, pressure measurement, and industry-standard components. Amatrol’s T7045 offers a valuable introduction to refrigeration concepts and calculations on equipment commonly encountered in the industry.

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