From residential to refrigeration, the iManifold system replaces the mechanical manifold and accommodates the simplest to the most complex systems you service.  Modular and expandable, the Zigbee mesh network of wireless probes outperforms all Bluetooth solutions by talking probe to probe, or probe to your iManifold or iConnect.  Using this cutting-edge technology, the signal can be repeated and transmitted to almost unlimited distances.

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iManifold Works the Way You Do!

I Manifold Residential Graphic


  • Real-time system performance calculations
  • Powerful onboard diagnostics
  • Automatic airflow calculation
  • Powerful reporting features
  • Efficiency and time savings

I Manifold Commercial Graphic


  • Calculates performance targets
  • Monitor multiple stages
  • Wireless probes transmit through equipment panels
  • Automatic airflow calculation

I Manifold Refrigeration Graphic


  • Monitor multiple compressors
  • Monitor evaporator and total superheat at the same time
  • Monitor and set superheats on up to 12 cases simultaneously
  • View superheat, box temperature, saturation temperature and pressure from a single probe

I Manifold App

The iManifold App

  • Easy to read display
  • Target pressure calculated and displayed
  • Over 45 refrigerant profiles
  • Equipment profiling
  • Calculates target superheat for fixed metering device
  • Calculated target zones for superheat, subcooling and discharge line
  • Troubleshooting

I Manifold

Productivity Gains with either the iManifold or iConnect

The award-winning iManifold - the first smart device compatible digital manifold - uses remote viewing on a technician's smart device.  Download the free iManifold App and your smart device will display system pressures, temperatures, superheat and subcooling while simultaneously calculating performance targets.  Eliminate manual calculations, analyze data, troubleshoot and generate performance reports directly from your smart device.

The iManifold App becomes more powerful with each new release.  New wireless probes for temperature, humidity, and pressure are designed to greatly improve technician productivity and jobsite efficiency.

The iConnect provides a portable wireless solution.  Range issues are eliminated because the iConnect travels with you.  A roaming node within the network, the iConnect reconfigures its path to the probes, providing the technician with significant jobsite mobility.

Trending - Trending allows the technician to see changes in performance, visually, by graphing measurements as they happen.  See where measurements are headed to ensure that equipment performance is trending in the right direction.

Cloud Services - Cloud Services allows access to Tech Connect, cloud storage, web-based reporting, report storage, sorting, and gives your technicians access to data from the field.

Tech Connect - Share field data in real time: tech-to-tech, tech to wholesaler, or tech to manufacturer.  Tech Connect allows you to stream data to anyone within your group for troubleshooting help or simply a second set of eyes.  Use video, voice, text, and email to communicate.

Reporting - Powerful reporting software gathers all of the field data in seconds with a push of a button.  Formatted, verified, and delivered to email, standard and custom reports are available to keep your technicians consistent.

Probe Mapping - The iManifold application allows the user to have almost complete control of what probes are used to take what measurements.  Users can quickly map probes for ambient temperatures, air temperatures, pressures and more.

Wireless - Let's face it:  wireless is only great when it works.  Zigbee mesh allows for multiple-path communication in an easily expandable network and provides long-range communication.

Equipment Profiling - Profile A/C, refrigeration, or heat pump systems.  The iManifold application troubleshoots over 40 different problems and measures airflow, performance, efficiency and more.

Quick Tests - The iManifold application offers several quick tests for airflow and heating applications.  These standard industry tests, now automated by the iManifold application and software, are super fast and done to a high degree of accuracy.

For more information download the iManifold Brochure or visit the iManifold website.