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DAC Worldwide – Dissectibles

DAC Worldwide’s dissectibles offer learners realistic, first-hand visualization into the disassembly, inspection, and reassembly of various industrial components. In each dissectible, all of the components and design features have been retained, allowing for completely realistic demonstration and training related to the design, operation, and shop maintenance of common industrial equipment.

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Each dissectible has been restored and repainted using a high-durability urethane coating, providing long life and many hours of training for the classroom and laboratory. Additionally, all dissectibles can be mounted on a bench or workstation for closer examination, simulated maintenance activities, and easy storage.

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DAC Worldwide offers dissectibles in a variety of industrial disciplines including:

  • Electrical/Electronics
  • Heat Transfer & Steam
  • Mechanical Drives
  • Oil Production
  • Process Control & Instrumentation
  • Pumps, Compressors & Valves
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