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Mosaic 3D Printing Systems

Bringing together years of innovation, Mosaic 3D Printing Systems combine limitless potential with unmatched industry support. With a trio of cutting-edge printing systems, Mosaic offers effortless and automated solutions that cater to a wide range of requirements, spanning from prototyping to large-scale production.

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Evolving the 3D Printing Landscape

Mosaic 3D Printing Systems

Advanced material monitoring, including automated material switching for up to 8 materials on a single 3D printer, is enhanced by intelligent software that autonomously manages job prioritization, scheduling, and initiation based on printer availability and material demands. Automated print plate removal enables uninterrupted 3D printing for extended periods, eliminating the need for user intervention and propelling 3D printing into the next level of innovation.

Allegheny Educational Systems - Mosaic Palette 3 Pro 3D Printer

Palette 3

Explore multiple colors and infinite potential with Palette 3

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Automated 3D Printing
Effortlessly print high temperature materials with Array.

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3D Printer with Palette X
Increase your throughput by 10x with Element 3D.

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A Modern Approach to 3D Printing.

The power of 3D printing comes from its fast turnaround times, flexibility, and ability to customize output. These aspects have pushed 3D printing as the go‑to prototyping tool for decades, but due to a high cost per part and lack of scalability, 3D printing has never jumped the gap to scaled production applications.

By leveraging software and automation, Mosaic is revolutionizing the economics and scalability of 3D printing to unlock applications that have never been possible before now.

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