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Mosaic Array 3D Printers

Array is a comprehensive 3D printing ecosystem designed to efficiently manage large volumes of student printing, particularly during peak periods throughout the semester. With exceptional throughput and cost-effectiveness that allow you to allocate your resources where they count most, the Mosaic Array and Array HT provide potential savings of up to 95% on your 3D printing expenses and can boost your throughput by over 10x.

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Array and Array HT

At the heart of Array’s capabilities is Canvas, an automated project management system that streamlines the handling of student projects, nearly eliminating the need for manual intervention. Array’s innovative parallel printing technology and automation significantly enhance productivity, delivering a remarkable 10-fold increase in throughput compared to conventional 3D printers.

Array’s Robotic System acts as a dedicated 24/7 workforce. This system features four printers operating in parallel, seamlessly transitioning between print jobs. It automatically removes completed print beds, replaces them with fresh ones, and initiates the next print job without human intervention. This level of coordination efficiently manages print files for hundreds of students, reducing the time and effort required by professors and TA’s to oversee printing workflows.

High throughput. Low Cost. Minimal downtime.

Experience a Fully Automated 3D Production System

  • 4 Element 3D printers
  • Robotic print management systems
  • Storage of 32 materials
  • Automated material management
  • Storage cart for 100+ prints

Element Inside Every Array

  • 4 printers each with build a envelope of 14” x 14” x 14”
  • Heated bed up to 120°C
  • Heated chamber up to 80°C
  • 0.4mm hardened steel nozzle
  • Maximum nozzle temp of 500°C

Automate Your Workflows with Canvas

  • Remote print job management
  • Smart print queueing
  • Material pod runout detection and automatic changeover
  • Track print and material analytics

Key Features

  • Support for industrial materials including PEEK, PEKK and Ultem 9085
  • 72+ hours of continuous unattended operation
  • 95% more cost effective on a per print basis
  • Automated material changover and runout detection with Palette X

Mosaic Array 3D Printers Comparison Chart

ArrayArray HT
Max Nozzle Temp300°C500°C
Heated ChambersN/AUp to 80°C
Heated Build PlatesUp to 120°CUp to 120°C
Supported MaterialsMosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic Origin, Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Dissolve LT, Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway LT, Mosaic ESD, Mosaic Flex2Mosaic PLA, Mosaic PETG, Mosaic Origin, Mosaic Matrix, Mosaic Dissolve LT, Mosaic ABS, Mosaic Breakaway LT,
Mosaic ESD, Mosaic Flex1, Mosaic PEEK, Mosaic PEKK, Mosaic PEI 9085