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Amatrol Portable Smart Sensor Learning Systems

Amatrol’s Smart Sensor Training Systems empower Industry 4.0 students to learn with real-world, data-rich Smart Sensors. These portable systems offer quick setup, easy implementation, and diverse sensor training. Smart Sensors transmit data through IO Link Master and Ethernet to PLCs, enabling enhanced productivity, quality, safety, cost management, predictive maintenance, and informed decision-making.

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Pioneering Industry 4.0 with Precision and Portability

Smart sensors are a multifaceted solution, driving productivity, quality, and safety improvements while effectively managing costs and predicting issues for proactive decision-making, revolutionizing industrial processes.

Amatrol offers the following Portable Smart Sensor Learning Systems to advance the skills and knowledge of the next generation of Industry 4.0 employees:

Portable Smart Machine Sensor Learning System: 990-SD10

Amatrol’s Portable Smart Machine Sensor Learning System (990-SD10) is a versatile training device encompassing smart capacitive, inductive, photo, ultrasonic sensors, and more, all in a portable case. This system equips learners with Industry 4.0 skills, covering topics like IIoT, cloud computing, sensor configuration, and RFID operations. It includes real-world components, ensuring job-ready competencies, and features a mobile, compact design for easy transportation. The multimedia eLearning curriculum enhances understanding, while the Student Reference Guide serves as a valuable post-training reference tool. Elevate your smart sensor skills with this comprehensive training solution.

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Portable Smart Process Sensor Training System: 990-SD20

Amatrol’s Portable Smart Process Sensor Learning System (990-SD20) imparts essential knowledge about smart process sensors, including analog pressure, electromagnetic flow, ultrasonic level, and point level sensors. This hands-on training system delves into Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and cloud computing, illustrating their applications in process control. Learners gain practical experience with real industrial components like IO-Link Masters, smart sensor software, and various sensor applications, enhancing their skills for careers in industries utilizing advanced process control technologies.

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Portable Smart Manufacturing Training System: 990-SM10

Amatrol’s Smart Manufacturing Learning System (990-SM10), developed with CESMII, provides hands-on training in Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 technologies. This comprehensive system covers smart manufacturing principles, incorporating wired and wireless sensors, PLCs, edge gateways, and cloud-based solutions. Learners at all skill levels can develop practical smart factory skills, utilizing real-world components and industry software from partners like Rockwell Automation and Phoenix Contact. The portable, user-friendly design enhances accessibility, making it an ideal tool for advancing smart manufacturing expertise.

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