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Introducing Two New Partners to Our Lineup

We’re happy to introduce two new partners to our lineup – ConsuLabs, and Tenstar Simulation.

Allegheny Educational Systems ConsuLab
Allegheny Educational Systems Tenstar Simulation logo

ConsuLab is committed to providing students with the skills and technical know-how needed in the transportation technology fields. ConsuLab specializes in truck and heavy equipment, electricity and electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics, and also hybrid and electric vehicle trainers. Designed with the philosophy of modifying OEM industry components, ConsuLab products are safer, more observable, and incorporate fault insertion where possible – providing educators with quality workable, diagnostic cutaways and systems.

Tenstar Simulation develops innovative all-in-one machine training simulators focusing on transportation, construction, agriculture, forestry, and traffic. Combine several different machine types in one simulator to broaden your training options. Cutting-edge graphics and professional hardware combine to create realistic exercise programs that are optimized to train students in areas of maintenance, driving skills, maneuvering skills and safety.

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