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Tenstar Simulation

Tenstar Simulation produces high quality, customizable simulators that are a complete solution for your machine education needs.

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One Platform, Many Machines

Tenstar simulators are an all-in-one hardware solution that offers a wide range of professional machine simulations. Combine several different machine types in one simulator to broaden your training options.

Realistic machine behavior, professional hardware, and life-like graphics translate into a truly immersive experience for your students as they navigate through sets of exercises that range from basic know-how to advanced maneuvering.

Unique options such as text and sound instructions, record and replay, multi machine environment, and virtual reality walkarounds add even more benefits and value to the simulator.

Build the Platform to Suit Your Needs

Tenstar’s proprietary hardware is available in four standard designs. Adapt the platform to create your optimal solution. Professional components from the industry such as steering wheels, joysticks, pedals, control systems, screens, VR headsets, etc. are available to further enhance the experience.

Allegheny Educational Systems Tenstar Desktop Simulator

Desktop Simulator

The entry-level solution. Scalable from basic to more advanced.

Allegheny Educational Systems Tenstar Car Simulator

Car Simulator

The complete solution for car simulation with the most authentic driving experience.

Allegheny Educational Systems Tenstar Mobile Unit Motion Simulator

Mobile Unit Simulator

The perfect solution for tracked vehicles. Still expandable to enable wheeled driving.

Allegheny Educational Systems Tenstar Mobile Unit Motion Base Simulator

Mobile Unit Motion Base Simulator

The ideal solution for all Tenstar vehicles with the full set of accessories and options.



Track Excavator • Wheel Excavator • Wheel Loader • Articulated Hauler • Grader • Dozer • Tower Crane • Telescopic Handler


Forklift • Lorry Loader • Timber Crane Truck • Telescopic Handler • Wheel Loader


Car • Bus • Van • Truck with trailer • Long Hauler

Emergency Vehicles

Ambulance • Fire Engine


Tractor • Combine Harvester • Telescopic Handler • Wheel Loader


Forwarder • Harvester

Additional Features

  • Tenstar User Xperience – An interface that offers a clean and simple look to Tenstar simulators, making use of all screens to select and navigate machine types and exercises.
  • Text and Sound Instructions – Text-to-Speech assists users process information, allowing them to focus on the road and tasks on hand.
  • Eye Tracking – By combining eye tracking with TRR, it is possible to gain a new previously unseen perspective offering an entirely new understanding of how different situations play out and why. (Now in development)
  • Tenstar Record & Replay – All training sessions are automatically saved and stored in the system. Rewatch exercises from different angles, helping students improve their driving.
  • Tenstar Scoring System – Scoring results based on Safety, Quality, and Economy. Enables evaluation, feedback, and incentives for progress and improvement.
  • Multi Machine Environment – Several different users can interact in the same environment and work together to solve tasks.
  • VR-Walkaround – Using a VR-headset and hand controls, users can move around and interact with the virtual worksite, machines, and vehicles.
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