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GPAINNOVA Partners with Xact Metal
for Comprehensive Metal 3D Printing Solutions

Allegheny Educational Systems Xact Metal Partners with GPAINNOVA - Photo of a finished metal part created using both technologies

GPAINNOVA America, a subsidiary of GPAINNOVA, a leading business group specializing in metal surface finishing, has entered into a strategic partnership with Xact Metal, a pioneer in affordable metal 3D printing solutions. This collaboration aims to provide end-to-end metal 3D printing solutions, combining design, printing, and finishing processes utilizing innovative technologies from both companies.

The partnership brings together GPAINNOVA’s expertise in metal surface finishing, known for DLyte and MURUA brands, with Xact Metal’s commitment to accessible metal 3D printing. Notably, GPAINNOVA’s patented DryLyte Technology, a dry electropolishing solution, will be integrated as a post-processing solution for Xact Metal’s metal 3D printers.

Key Aspects of the Partnership:

  • The collaboration offers a comprehensive solution from design to the finished product, incorporating automation in manufacturing and finishing processes.
  • Focus on digitizing manual labor in dental laboratories, leading to significant time and cost savings with a safer and more efficient process.
  • Incorporation of DryLyte finishing technology expected to bring advantages, including a 60-80 percent reduction in polishing time, faster printing, and notable reduction in manual labor.

For additional information, download the Xact Metal Press Release.

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