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Allegheny Educational Systems celebrates Xact Metal 100 Orders Milestone

Xact Metal Celebrates Milestone in Goal to Reach Wider Audience with 3D Metal Printing Technology

Our partner, Xact Metal has reached a monumentous milestone in their journey to decentralize metal 3D printing technology – their 100th 3D metal printer order.

These affordable metal 3D printers use powder-bed fusion technology to produce high-quality, complex parts. Metal 3D printing greatly increases prototyping and production capabilities in additive manufacturing while reducing the cost and time such parts can take.

With three models available, Xact Metal is expanding their line to accommodate a wide range of customer needs. The XM200C is the original 3D printer and is perfect for small batch production, tooling and training. One step up is the XM200G, which can be easily integrated into any production facility and offers the option of a multi-laser system which further increases print speed and productivity. For those who print high quantities or large parts, the new XM300G, available 4Q2023, meets those needs. Available with a single-, dual-, or quad-laser system, the XM300G is fast, efficient, and highly flexible – making it perfect for a wide variety of additive manufacturing applications.

Read the full Xact Metal Press release here.

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Allegheny Educational Systems Xact Metal 3D printers in a row
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