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Allegheny Educational Systems VRSim VRNA Training headset and wrist controls with screen shots of virtual reality skill exercises. Checking patient blood pressure, scrolling through list of skills tasks, and full room view of patient in bed and visitors sitting by window.

Introduce virtual reality into your CNA training with this limited time promotion.

Receive a VRNA Half Classroom Set with an initial set up price of $22,500.

Initial Set Up includes:

  • 5 VR headsets, pre-loaded with VRNA software
  • 5 seat (meaning up to 5 people can access the software at one time), 2-year unlimited user (unlimited user accounts can be created) license to VRNA software
  • 2-year, unlimited user access (unlimited user accounts can be created) to Performance Portal
  • 2-years complimentary tech support

Renewal & Upgrades: Biennial Subscription ($4,500)

  • 2-year continued unlimited user license renewal to VRNA
  • 2-year continued unlimited user access to Performance Portal
  • 2-year continued complimentary tech support
  • 2-year eligibility for software updates, available on release

Software Updates:

  • VRNA is updated regularly to make it even better for customers to enjoy the immersive experience.
  • Updates are available to VRNA customers during their active license period.
  • Updates are sent to each headset without requiring user interference. Updates will download and install automatically, as long as the headset is powered on and connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Updates may include, but are not limited to: bug fixes, usability enhancements, and performance improvements.
  • Updates do not include extensions of features and/or capabilities (e.g. additional modules, environments, processes) or new hardware components.

Small print:
Promo valid 5/11/23 – 9/30/23
Prices are exclusive of additional packaging, shipping, tariffs, duties or taxes.

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