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Allegheny Educational Systems Sojourn High School

Sojourn High School opens new first of it’s kind Vo-Tech Simlog Lab

Source Mishkin, Leah, “School at detention center arms students with vocational training”, Education, NJTV News PBS, June 26, 2019

Essex Regional Educational Services Commission​ near Newark, NJ recently opened their Vo-Tech Simlog Lab at Sojourn High School. This is the first program of its kind taking place inside a juvenile detention center.

Students have the opportunity to earn certificates by completing courses on the Simlog Forklift Simulator, Simlog Backhoe Simulator, and Simlog Bulldozer Simulator.

Allegheny Educational Systems Simlog Simulator

The ultimate goal of the new program is to provide valuable vocational skills with these new Simlog heavy equipment simulators, giving the students employment options after release rather than cycling back into the detention system.

Dennis Hughes, the Director of Essex County Juvenile Detention Center sums up the potential of the new Lab best: “Everybody can be somebody if a way is made for them”.

Watch the NJTV News feature here.

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