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Allegheny Educational Systems Rockwell Automation joins SACA

Rockwell Automation joins the Smart Automation Certification Alliance

SACA, the Smart Automation Certification Alliance is excited to announce that Michael Cook, Rockwell Automation’s Director of Global Academic Partnerships, recently endorsed the Smart Automation Certification Alliance and their efforts to create standards to ensure industries worldwide that potential employees possess up-to-date Industry 4.0 skill sets.

Rockwell Automation is the manufacturer of Allen-Bradley PLC’s and the powerful ControLogix software that is used in automation all the world over.  They are the leading supplier of Smart Automation tools such as Allen-Bradley PLC’s, Software, and PowerFlex Variable Frequency Drive controllers used in automation applications in industry and education.

Rockwell Automation joins with Fanuc America and Amatrol to ensure that the standards for the various levels of the SACA Credentials stay current, relevant and rigorous enough to be the standard for Industry 4.0 Certifications.

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