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Wazer – The First Desktop Waterjet

WAZER is the first desktop waterjet that can cut any material with digital precision. Now you have the ability to create custom parts on demand without outsourcing. WAZER is simple to use and easy to set up. Just hook up to standard electric and water supply.

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Cut Anything, on Demand.

Bring professional-grade fabrication to your workshop with WAZER, the first desktop waterjet.  Wazer’s compact size fits into any work space and is ideal for cutting on-demand custom parts.  Cut metal, glass, ceramic, composite, plastic and rubber safely and quickly.  Wazer operates without heat or fumes – there’s no need for ventilation.  Simply connect your Wazer to standard electricity, water source and drain and you’re ready to cut.

Meet Wazer

Go from design to cutting, fast.

WAZER’s web-based software is fast and easy.  Wazer operates with an online file prep tool called WAM.  Load your design file into WAM and prepare your cut in minutes.

Features Include

  • COMPACT & CONTAINED – Compact design makes WAZER clean, safe and quiet to use.
  • ONBOARD CONTROLS – On-screen prompts to prepare your file for cutting. Arrow keys for jogging.
  • EASY HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT – Cutting head manually adjusts and locks in place.
  • STANDARD OUTLET – Just plug WAZER into a regular outlet. 110V / 15A
  • INTEGRATED ABRASIVE STORAGE – Store up to 40lbs of abrasive, 2hrs of cutting, inside WAZER.
  • CONVENIENT ABRASIVE REMOVAL – Used abrasive flows into containers for easy removal. Normally, you’d have to drain the tank and shovel it out by hand!


Size & Weight
Main Unit Size34" x 25.5" x 22"
Main Unit with Legs34" x 25.5" x 22"
Main Unit Empty Weight110 lbs. (50 kg)
Main Unit Loaded Weight400 lbs. (180 kg)
Pump Box Size21" x 15" x 11"
Pump Box Weight92 lbs. (42 kg)
Technical & Design
110 V / 60Hz (2 - 15A or 1 - 20A Circuits)
Water Source - Tap Water
Water Draining - Standard Draining
Cutting Area 12" x 18"
Cut Width (kerf) - 0.044" (1.2mm)
Accepts DXF & SVG Design Files

Customer Use Stories

CU Boulder

The Glass Underground

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