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VRSim VRNA CNA Training

VRSim VRNA CNA Training brings a fully immersive virtual reality learning experience to your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Training Programs. With 8 realistic learning scenarios, and 35+ patient care skills, VRNA will increase the accessibility and effectiveness of your students learning experience while reducing costs and saving time.

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Real Benefits of Virtual Reality

Strengthen your Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) programs with the new VRSim VRNA virtual trainer. When you incorporate virtual reality into your learning ecosystem, you’re creating a blended learning system that is adaptable, cost-efficient, and effective.

Adaptability encourages learning

VRNA combines traditional hands-on learning with new, engaging experiences that can be performed in-person or remotely, providing flexibility and accessibility as needed in your training programs.

Put your students in control of their learning as they initiate daily hands-on tasks to provide care and practice clinical skills in a zero-risk environment. As they hone their skills in the VRNA scenario-based modules, they can choose to repeat tasks for additional practice and also raise their performance results by repeating modules. This repeatability results in greater skills confidence, increased motor memory, and improved knowledge retention.

As your students complete the modules, real-time reports are generated for instantaneous feedback and scoring. As a teacher, you gain more opportunity for feedback using data and real-time reports generated on student skills and success.

Cost-efficient and effective

By adding VRNA to your training program, not only will you increase the visibility and flexibility of the programs you offer, but you will also add savings to your bottom line. Free up budget monies by reducing the amount of consumables such as gloves, soap, and masks that are needed on a daily basis, while eliminating the costs of lab setup and equipment, additional training materials, and instructor time.

CNA Lab Skills

Antiembolism StockingsGait Belt and AmbulateApplying/Removing GlovesAmbulation: Cane, Walker, Crutches
Denture Care: GeneralOral Care: GeneralOral Care: UnconsciousBack Rub
BedpanBlood PressureCatheter Care: Empty Drainage BagCatheter Care: General
CommunicationComplete Bed BathHand HygieneHeight and Weight
Intake/OutputLift & Move a Resident in Bed: 2 assistMaking an Occupied BedMaking an Unoccupied Bed
Nail CareObstructed AirwayPartial BathPassive Range of Motion
Position in Bed Side: LyingPosition in Bed: SupinePrepare for a Meal/AssistProvide Incontinent Care
Pulse and RespirationShampoo Resident's HairShave with Electric RazorShower
Temperature: AxillaryTemperature: OralTemperature: TympanicTransfer from Bed to Chair: 1 assist
Transfer from Bed to Chair: 2 assistUndress/Dress: GroomingUrinal for Male ResidentUrine Sample

Basic Architecture

Allegheny Educational Systems VRSim VRNA HMD icon

HMD – Students wear a wireless HMD (Head Mount Display) and practice lab skills in a fully immersive clinical lab environment.

Allegheny Educational Systems VRSim VRNA Wi-Fi icon

Wi-Fi – Wireless internet access is required to use VRNA and access Performance Portal

Allegheny Educational Systems VRSim VRNA Portal icon

Portal – Students and instructors can access progress and reports along with e-curriculum on Performance Portal via any device that supports an internet browser.

Allegheny Educational Systems VRSim VRNA Cloud icon

Cloud – User and performance data is stored on a secure remote cloud server and automatically syncs to Performance Portal.

Content and Package Details

Content includes:

  • 8 Immersive Scenarios
  • 35+ Patient Care Skills
  • Covers over 80% of certification skills, nation-wide

Package includes:

  • Classroom Set (10 units)
    • Unit: (1) headset with pre-installed software
    • 2-year software license
    • Updates included within license period


  • Optional Add-on Sets (5 units) – purchased in addition to a Classroom Set
    • 2-year software license
    • Updates included within license period

Additional Information

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