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UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer

Introducing the UltiMaker Factor 4 3D Printer. Achieve exceptional results with the UltiMaker Factor 4, a cutting-edge 3D printer designed for the factory floor. ​ With its industrial-grade performance and reliable, repeatable results, it’s the perfect investment for your manufacturing needs.

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Accelerate Innovation with the New UltiMaker Factor 4

The UltiMaker Factor 4 is a cutting-edge 3D printer that boasts industrial-grade performance and reliable, repeatable results.

Wide Range of Applications:

From small batches of auxiliary components to manufacturing aids like jigs, fixtures, and assembly tools, the UltiMaker Factor 4 is versatile and can handle durable spare parts for real working conditions. ​ It’s also ideal for creating functional engineering prototypes. ​

New Hardware Features:

Experience enhanced printing capabilities with the dual extrusion direct drive print head and actively controlled build volume temperature. ​ The automated material handling system ensures optimal storage conditions with low relative humidity.

Material Diversity:

With over 200 profiled materials available on the UltiMaker Marketplace, you have access to a wide range of options. ​ From flexible thermoplastic elastomers to composites, mid-high temperature polymers, and even stainless steel, the possibilities are endless.

Seamless Software Integration:

Powered by UltiMaker Cura and UltiMaker Digital Factory, the UltiMaker Factor 4 offers a seamless workflow from 3D model to printed part. ​ UltiMaker Cura provides easy print preparation with over 400 settings and material interlocking for unrestricted multi-material combinations. ​ UltiMaker Digital Factory ensures secure printer management, file storage, and analytics, along with onboard print process reporting for part validation and structural integrity verification. ​

Invest in the UltiMaker Factor 4 for unparalleled performance and reliability. ​ Streamline your manufacturing processes, accelerate innovation with high-fidelity functional engineering prototypes, and achieve consistent, high-quality results. ​ Take your manufacturing operations to the next level with UltiMaker Factor 4. ​

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