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Stratasys J850 Digital Anatomy 3D Printer

The J850 Digital Anatomy printer truly brings the look and feel of medical models to life with unrivaled accuracy, realism and functionality. Whether used for surgeon training or to perform testing during device development, its models provide unmatched clinical versatility mimicking both the appearance and response of human tissue.

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Bring medical models to life.

The J850 Digital Anatomy Printer takes the J850 capabilities to the next level. Step up to the digital printer’s capabilities to create models with an incredible array of microstructures which not only look, but now feel and function like actual human tissue for true haptic feedback. All of this in a single print operation with minimal to no finishing steps like painting, sanding or assembly.

New Digital Anatomy Materials

GelMatrix (FLG110), TissueMatrix (Med310) and BoneMatrix (RGD516). Three new digital base materials exclusive to the J850 Digital Anatomy printer can be combined to form hundreds of new, unique digital materials. Integrated into proprietary validated applications, they mimic human cardiac and vascular anatomy from actual patient scans. Select from a range of tissue properties to incorporate microstructures into the anatomy. Construct heart models with functioning cords, annulus, valves and calcification. Vary compliance in vascular models to replicate both healthy and diseased vessels.

GelMatrix (FLG110) – A gel-like support material for easy removal from blood vessels with inner diameters as small as 1mm and wall thickness as low as 1.5mm.

TissueMatrix (MED310) – The softest translucent material commercially available. Ideal for replicating the look and feel of heart tissue.

BoneMatrix (RGD516) – A strong, yet flexible, material with memory to maintain its shape.

Create in a few simple clicks

The preset anatomy menu offers more than 100 options that allow you to print accurate, lifelike models by simply choosing the desired anatomy.

  • Adjust attributes to mimic healthy or diseased tissue.
  • Make post-processing quick and easy.
  • Remove gel support material from complex vessels with little to no effort.

Access advanced design tools when you need them.

Advanced design tools allow you to choose from more than 500,000 colors when full-color capabilities are needed, define transparencies, and determine textures and finishes.

Save valuable resources.

Minimize the need for animal and cadaver labs so you can test and train anywhere, cut procurement costs and improve ethical practices.

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