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Stratasys J750 Digital Anatomy Printer

The J750 Digital Anatomy printer truly brings the look and feel of medical models to life with unrivaled accuracy, realism and functionality. Whether used for surgeon training or to perform testing during device development, its models provide unmatched clinical versatility mimicking both the appearance and response of human tissue.

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Bring Medical Models to Life

The printer’s digital capabilities enable you to create models with an incredible array of microstructures which not only look, but now feel and function like actual human tissue for true haptic feedback. Do all of this in a single print operation with minimal to no finishing steps like painting, sanding or assembly.

Make Model Fabrication Easier

Take the guesswork out of material selection. Choose the anatomy, and the materials are automatically selected for you. You can also adjust the degree of each tissue attribute desired.

The gel-like support material can be removed with little or no effort from complex structures, like small blood vessels with internal diameters and wall thicknesses as low as 1.0 mm, making post-processing quick and easy.

Create Complex, Multi-Texture Structures

Combine three new base materials exclusive to the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer to form over 100 unique digital materials. Use the proprietary validated applications offered to mimic human cardiac and vascular anatomy from actual patient scans.

Select from a range of anatomical details and tissue properties to integrate into your model. Construct heart models with functional cords, annulus, valves and calcifications. Vary compliance in vascular models to replicate both healthy and diseased vessels.

Innovative Materials Make It Possible

Accurate, realistic and functional, The J750 DAP materials make it possible to achieve the look, feel and behavior of the real thing.

  • GelMatrix™ — A gel-like support material for easy removal from blood vessels with inner diameters and wall thicknesses as low as 1.0 mm.
  • TissueMatrix™ — The softest translucent material commercially available. Ideal for replicating the look and feel of heart tissue.
  • BoneMatrix™ — A strong, yet flexible material with memory to maintain its shape for representing bones and connective tissue.

Powered by GradCAD Print Digital Anatomy Software

The J750 Digital Anatomy Printer uses GrabCAD Print™ Digital Anatomy software specifically designed for medical applications. Its preset anatomical settings and unique ability to accommodate these digital materials make producing lifelike anatomical models easy.
The unique voxel-based engine automatically generates your model’s minute structures, enhancing both visual and tactile realism.

Download the J750 Digital Anatomy Printer brochure for more information.

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