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Stratasys J5 DentaJet 3D Printer

With a small footprint and a large-capacity rotating print tray, the J5 DentaJet™ is designed to maximize efficiency. In a single mixed-tray print, create more dental parts — with fewer changeovers with precision, accuracy and realism.

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The J5 DentaJet™ professional-grade printer delivers unmatched quality, reliability and productivity — all within a small footprint.

  • Realistic, patient-specific models enable better clinical outcomes and facilitate better communication between the lab, the clinic and the patient.
  • Multiple materials printing supports a wide variety of parts on the same production run.
  • Print in multi-materials on the same build tray, maximizing productivity and throughput.
  • Requires less manual labor, post-processing and handling due to high volume unattended operation and Separator Digital Materials.
  • Seamless digital workflow with remote capabilities saves time and prevents errors.
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