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Stratasys H350 SAF 3D Printer

The Stratasys H350, featuring Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF™) technology, offers a versatile solution for high-volume 3D printing. With the ability to control production and costs, this powder bed fusion printer enables businesses to grow by delivering consistent, functional, and end-use parts. The H350 supports various materials like High Yield PA11 and SAF™ PA12, allowing customization based on application requirements. Its innovative thermal control, industrial-grade components, and compatibility with GrabCAD Print Pro make it suitable for industries seeking reliable, accurate, and cost-effective additive manufacturing solutions, especially in sectors like commercial equipment, consumer goods, and automotive.

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High-volume, consistent 3D printing.

Specifically designed for demanding build volumes, the H350 employs long-lasting piezoelectric printheads, patented Big-Wave™ powder deposition, and unique thermal management for consistent results. The one-pass print-and-fuse process, 12% nesting density, and efficient consumable usage enable production-level throughput with fine feature detailing and uniformity using a single High Absorption Fluid.

Consistency is ensured with innovative and uniform thermal control. It achieves precise geometric accuracy and robust mechanical capabilities, maintaining repeatability across production-grade parts of varying complexities. The use of High Yield PA11 polymer powder further enhances impact resistance and durability.


  • Quality finished, end-use parts – for parts that require a high-quality finish such as clips, eye-wear, consumer electronic cases and headphones
  • Molds, and robust load-bearing parts – Brackets, mold tools, machine components, jigs, adapters, manifolds and manufacturing aids
  • Functionally enhanced parts – Parts with movement such as hinges, gears and clips; electric protection connectors, improved impact resistance or such as shatter-proof trims, durable housings and covers.

H350 Compatible Materials

Stratasys H350 SAF 3D printed part
Stratasys H350 SAF 3D printed SAF PA12 sample part

High Yield PA11

Produce production-grade plastic parts for high-volume demands. This material enables high nesting density while maintaining consistent part quality, boasting high ductility and impact resistance. Notably, PA11 is eco-friendly and derived entirely from sustainable castor oil, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications and large-scale production of end-use parts.


SAF™ PA12 is a versatile polymer designed for powder bed technologies, emphasizing high volume, accuracy, and cost-effectiveness. Its stiffness makes it ideal for applications prioritizing rigidity. On the H350 platform, it offers advantages such as tight thermal control for consistency and higher nesting densities, enabling more parts per build. Utilizing only one fluid, High Absorption Fluid (HAF), reduces costs. Notably, leftover SAF™ PA12 can be reused, engineered to withstand the process with minimal aging, ensuring on-time and consistent part delivery with the H350 platform.

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