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Stratasys Fortus 450mc

Bring the speed, agility and design freedom of advanced additive manufacturing while gaining the latest advances in FDM technology. The Fortus 450mc 3D Production System builds high-requirement prototypes, rugged jigs, fixtures and tooling, and custom production parts in familiar thermoplastics. And this 3D production system is engineered for ease of use, including an intuitive touchscreen interface for smooth workflow and easy-to-replace build trays and loading options.

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The Stratasys Fortus 450mc 3D Printer

Get the speed and design freedom of advanced additive manufacturing in a 3D printer designed for production. The Fortus 450mc offers a generously sized build chamber to build prototypes, and end-use parts and tooling.

Helping speed up design cycles and reduce time to part, the Fortus 450 produces highly reliable and repeatable results with no guessing involved – lowering costs. It’s also a flexible and intuitive solution for a wide range of applications and industries thanks to its broad set of FDM high-performance materials.

Ideal for: Functional prototypes, fixtures, end-use parts, tooling and production parts

Features include:

Capacity for complex parts – Produce parts with complex geometries quickly, without sacrificing quality.

Materials for many applications – From standard to high-performance, the Fortus 450mc features a large range of materials for standard, engineering-grade, and high-performance applications. Create strong, lightweight tools from carbon fiber nylon and open up new possibilities using the the superior strength, chemical resistance and ESD performance of Antero PEKK-based thermoplastics.

Industry-leading performance – The Fortus 450mc produces near-isotropic parts with high-strength materials such as FDM Nylon 12 for optimal print results and consistent mechanical properties throughout the part.

Simplified workflow – Designed for an efficient workflow, the Fortus 450mc is compatible with CAD-to-print GrabCAD Print software and features an intuitive touchscreen interface that requires little to no training to navigate. It also includes easy-to-replace build sheets and loading options.

Smart-factory integration – Stratasys has a variety of solutions to integrate with Industry 4.0 and smart factory infrastructure.