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Stratasys F770 3D Printer

Print big without the high capital investment of exclusive, large-format printers. The Stratasys F770 3D printer makes printing large, complex parts affordable, reliable and easy.

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Industrial scale printing. Simplified.

The Stratasys F770™ makes printing large, complex parts accessible, affordable and easy. Get the accurate print results, reliability and repeatability that FDM Technology™ is known for while printing parts up to a meter long in a precision controlled, heated build chamber.

Soluble Support material allows you to print the parts you want, not the parts you’re limited to by other methods. Complex geometries without the constraints or limitations of printers with inferior support capability.

User-friendly GrabCAD Print™ software makes the CAD-to-print workflow simple. For those who want more in-depth print adjustment capability, Insight™ software is also included. 3D printing with the F770 is a lights-out, 24/7 operation. There’s no need to constantly monitor the printer while printing and quick-change material canisters are equipped with 200ci of filament, allowing for up to 140 hours of unattended print time. When you want to check progress, the F770’s build in camera provides continually updated print status that you can monitor from your mobile device.


System Size and Weight: 69 x 49 x 77 inches, 1,450 lbs.

Build Envelope: 39.4 x 24 x 24 in. / 22,677 in3, Maximum length on the diagonal – 46.1 in.

Materials: ASA – Ivory, ABS-M30 – Black, SR-30 soluble support material

Download the Stratasys F770 3D Printer brochure.

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