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SES Quadruped Robots

The SES Quadruped Robotics (Robotic Dogs), along with their STEMbotics curriculum, teach students to utilize and program some of the most advanced robots in the world. Introduce your middle school and lower high school students to robotics and programming with the Go1 Pro. More advanced courses such as C++ and Python are possible with the Go1 EDU, and are perfect in upper high school or higher education environments.

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Bring mobile robots into your classroom

The SES Quadruped Robot is the answer to providing fun, hands-on training for your programming curriculum.

The SES STEMbotics curriculum included with the education package pairs with the Robot to allow for robot programming in multiple programming languages, including Scratch, C++, Blockly, and Python.

These high-performance robot dogs feature:

  • Intelligent Side-Follow System – Robot walks alongside you in a safe and harmonious interaction which is better than the conventional following mode
  • Super Sensory System – Full view coverage with 5 sets of Fish-eye Stereo Depth Cameras plus Ai post-processing, 3 sets of Hypersonic Sensors, and a lens angle approximately equal to 150° x 170°
  • Powerful Built-In AI – 16 core CPU + GPU (384Core, 1.5TFLOPS)
The Go1 Pro is perfect for Middle School and Lower High School.

This model includes:

  • Human Recognition
  • Intelligent Side Follow
  • Full-view Coverage
  • Five Cameras
  • AI Processing
  • 3 Hypersonic Sensors
  • Object Avoidance
  • Max Speed over 10 mph
  • Strong and Reliable Power System
  • 10 lb. Carrying Capacity
  • Units include
    • Intro to Quadruped Robotics
    • Robot Agility and Recovery
    • Autonomous Control
    • Introductory Python Programming
The Go1 EDU is appropriate for Upper high School, Career and Technology Centers, as well as Colleges and Universities.

This model includes all of the features of the Go1 Pro, plus:

  • Multiple ports for input and output devices
  • Research API
  • C++ API
  • Optional Lidar
  • Optional Artificial Intelligence Module
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Skeletal Recognition
  • 4G and 5G
  • Foot Force Sensor
  • Multi-function Extension Interface
  • Curriculum Units include:
    • Adding Inputs and Output Devices
    • Object and Human Recognition
    • Gesture Recognition
    • Carrying Payloads
    • Commercial Applications

Synthesizing Security and Education

In addition to the unique educational opportunities that SES Robots offer, they can also be utilized to help provide school security. With features such as video monitoring, communication capabilities, and intruder confrontation, SES Quadruped Robots aid in protecting students, staff, teachers, and administrators from exterior threats.