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Roland TrueVIS VG3 Series Printer/Cutters

Engineered to be the ultimate in professional print graphics production, the TrueVIS VG3 is the premier eco-solvent integrated print/cut solution to your high quality digital printing needs. Enhanced features such as an intuitive 7″ LCD touchscreen control panel, automated media calibration, and a newly designed, adjustable media take-up unit saves both time and materials. The expanded color output delivers vivid, color rich graphics that push the boundaries of digital printing

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Next Generation Quality, Color, and Productivity for Professionals Who Demand More.

The VG3 Series VG3-540 and VG3-640 printer/cutters build off the award-winning TrueVIS platform to bring you the most technologically advanced print-and-cut device within the durable graphics market. Known for producing high-quality, color-rich graphics, this newest generation of TrueVIS devices incorporates a host of enhanced features that improve ease of use and overall productivity. A new 7-inch LCD control panel allows for intuitive and quick access to features for everything from media setup to automated maintenance, simplifying preparation, care, and the overall printing process. Physical design changes allow for easier media loading and improved media tracking, while software advancements further improve the already stunning image quality that Roland DGA TrueVIS machines are known for.


7-inch LCD Control Panel – One of the most amazing updated features is a first for Roland DG and the TrueVIS Series printer/cutters. The newly designed 7-inch LCD Touchscreen Control Panel allows users to intuitively access media setup and other menu items with ease.

Automated Media Calibrations – The TrueVIS VG3 Series printer/cutters use optical registration technology to read calibration printouts automatically. With this new, easily accessible feature, after making a few selections on the touchscreen, you can walk away while the calibration adjustments are made automatically. When you return, you’re ready to begin sending jobs for the day.

Award-Winning TrueVIS TR2 Ink Setup Options – TrueVIS VG3 series printer/cutters are known for their unsurpassed image quality, reliability, and versatility. Choosing the ink set that best fits your needs based on your most common applications is a crucial part of ensuring your needs are met.

Ink ConfigurationCharacteristics
CMYKHighest overall productivity, balancing image quality and print speed.
CMYKLcLmLkOrWide color gamut using TR2-Or, while maintaining smooth solid color fills, grey balance, and natural skin tones using TR2-Lc/Lm/Lk.
CMYKLcLmLkWhSmooth solid color fills, grey balance, and natural skin tones using TR2-Lc/Lm/Lk. Transparent media compatibility using TR2-Wh.
CMYKLkOrGrWhWide color gamut using TR2-Or and TR2-Gr, strong grey balance. Able to print transparent media using TR2-Wh.
CMYKLkOrGrWide color gamut using TR2-Or and TR2-Gr, strong grey balance.
NEW! CMYKLcLmOrGrWide color gamut using TR2-Or/Gr, while maintaining solid color fills using TR2-Lc/Lm.

Media Take-Up System – A newly designed media take-up system is included with the VG3 Series printer/cutters. This take-up has been redesigned for greater ease of use, while also expanding the roll sizes that the system can accommodate.

Improved Media Handling – Improvements have been made in the loading, tracking, and handling of media after printing as well as cutting operation.

When you add up all of the user-friendly and time-saving features, it’s easy to see why the new VG3 Series printer/cutters are the most advanced yet easiest to operate inkjets in Roland DG’s storied history.

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