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Productive Robotics

Introducing OB7.

The smart 7 axis collaborative robot

OB7 was designed to deliver unmatched automation productivity, accuracy, and safety. And, you can to do it all simply without complicated software programing and coding.

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Powerful and Smart, OB7 is the Truly Collaborative Robot for Automating All Areas of Manufacturing

0B7 collaborative robots move similarly to the human arm with seven joints, one meter reach, and the ability to lift 5kg or 11lbs.  0B7 is able to maneuver into tight spaces and can easily adapt to your existing manufacturing environment.  With it’s safe design, 0B7 can work with humans as a work assistant, or independently on any number of precise tasks.

Designed and produced in the USA, the 0B7 opens a whole new range of automation opportunities, including machine tending and operation, product assembly, applying adhesive, installing screws, welding, painting, packaging and material handling.


Experience the simplicity of teaching without programming.  OB7 learns by demonstration. No robotic experts or additional staff are needed.  If you can do the job, then you can show OB7 how to do the job too.


OB7 seamlessly integrates into your current manufacturing operations without disruption, generating immediate bottom line results, from day one.


OB7 is designed to work safely alongside people without the need for safety cages or extra floor space.  Built in force sensing keeps OB7 working safely alongside people.


You can call them joints, degrees of freedom, or axes, but what you need to know is that OB7 can move just like a human arm. It’s this freedom of movement that makes OB7 so easy and flexible to work with.


Easy to teach, fast setup, safe and flexible, makes OB7 perfect for an unlimited number of jobs.  When one job is finished, OB7 moves easily on to the next, what ever it might be.


OB7 makes robotic automation easy without the need for technical knowledge. Now increasing your efficiency and productivity is easier to achieve.

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