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P.A. Hilton Mechanical & Civil Engineering / Advanced Laboratory Training Solutions

For over half a century, P.A. Hilton has maintained its global leadership in the research, design, and production of mechanical and civil engineering laboratory teaching equipment. This British manufacturer is internationally recognized for its unwavering commitment to delivering high-quality, durable teaching products covering a diverse range of mechanical and civil engineering topics. P.A. Hilton’s comprehensive portfolio addresses key subjects including acoustics, air conditioning, air flow and aerodynamics, combustion, compressible fluid flow, forces, friction, heat transfer, hydraulics, mechanisms, propulsion, refrigeration, renewable energy, steam, strength of materials, structures, and vibration.

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Designed by the engineers of today, for the engineers of tomorrow.

P.A. Hilton’s cutting-edge training systems are meticulously designed by engineers, ensuring readiness for the next generation of engineering students. Operating manuals, regarded as industry-leading, encompass not only procedures but also theory and detailed experiments. The modular design of many products allows you to plan gradual expansions, facilitating the extension, update, and upgrade of equipment assets in line with budget and technological advancements.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Combustion Laboratory UnitAllegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Rankine Cycle


Energy conversion and consumption stand at the core of global economics. P.A. Hilton’s offerings provide students with hands-on experience in energy conversion, process/cycle efficiencies, fostering a solid comprehension of fundamental principles. Students can follow a foundational conversion path, rooted in traditional systems like the Rankine Steam Cycle, enabling them to analyze and juxtapose renewable techniques against this established baseline.

Download the P.A. Hilton Energy Brochure.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Free and Forced Vortices Fluid Mechanics Benchtop UnitAllegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Principles of Airflow, Pressure and Velocity Distribution (Pitot-Traverse)

Fluid Mechanics

Fluid mechanics, a branch of physics focusing on the mechanics of liquids and gases and the forces they experience, finds applications in diverse fields such as mechanical, civil, and chemical engineering. P.A. Hilton’s fluid mechanics products  provide a wide array of teaching equipment for thorough fluid dynamics courses. The modular base unit included in most trainers, allows for efficient customization of individual experiment modules, streamlining cost, setup time, and spatial requirements for educators.

Download the P.A. Hilton Fluid Mechanics Brochure.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton HSM58 Materials TesterAllegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Pendulum Impact Tester (25J Impact Energy)

Material Science

The material science collection by P.A. Hilton facilitates a clear and thorough understanding of materials and their properties. An understanding of how materials act and react is essential for studying their applications in various stationary or mobile structures.

Download the P.A. Hilton Material Science Brochure.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Beam Bending (Transverse) Vibration ModuleAllegheny educational Systems P.A. Hilton Castor, Camber and King Pin Inclination

Mechanical Science

The mechanical science products offered by P.A. Hilton empower students to delve into and comprehend the principles of mechanisms, which typically involve devices utilizing input forces to produce a set of output forces, resulting in motion. The comprehensive range of study units encompasses gears, gear trains, belt and chain drives, linkages, friction devices, frames, springs, and bearings, providing a holistic exploration of mechanical principles and mechanisms for students to form informed opinions.

Download the P.A. Hilton Mechanical Science Brochure.

Allegheny educational Systems P.A. Hilton Boyles Law Demonstrator (Compressor Version)Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton H102 Series Heat Exchanger

Heat Transfer

The Heat Transfer range, essential for science and engineering education, facilitates the understanding of heat transfer and associated thermodynamics principles. Through innovative equipment, students can visualize physical processes, conducting accurate experiments for a significantly improved learning experience. The product range incorporates modular add-on units for advanced studies and a versatile instrumentation and service unit with additional modules for specific applications. Upgrades for Data Acquisition enable the capture of crucial experimental parameters through customized software. This modular approach ensures optimal flexibility, allowing alignment of laboratory equipment investments with curriculum requirements and budgets.

Download the P.A. Hilton Heat Transfer Brochure.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Air Conditioning Laboratory KitAllegheny Educational Systems Bespoke Evaporative Cooling Unit

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Refrigeration and air conditioning play crucial roles in various aspects of daily life, impacting food preparation, transportation, storage, and even aspects of medical and general well-being. P.A. Hilton addresses this significance with a specialized range of teaching equipment, offering top-tier learning capabilities and maximizing the return on investment. Tailored to guide students through a structured learning path, the range covers basic vocational fault finding and extends to advanced undergraduate levels, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subject, from practical applications to nuanced numerical aspects.

Download the P.A. Hilton Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Brochure.

Allegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Suspension CableAllegheny Educational Systems P.A. Hilton Structures Ranges


The P.A. Hilton Modular Structures range enables universities to conduct lab sessions four times faster than alternative systems, greatly improving the student learning experience and optimizing the use of financial resources. Opting for PA Hilton ensures maximum return on investment. The comprehensive range of equipment enhances the understanding of structural statics across various study areas, including Force, Bending, Shear, Elasticity, Beams, Arched Bridges, Suspension Bridges, Trusses, Frameworks, and Portals. The emphasis is on transforming the learning experience and making efficient use of laboratory time.

Download the Structures Brochure.

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