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Miller LiveArc™ System Welding Performance Management System

The LiveArc Welding Performance Management System is an advanced welding trainer that combines simulator and live arc welding benefits.

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The industry’s most complete live arc welding training system

Ideal for lab training, the Miller LiveArc welding performance management system provides both a simulation/pre-weld setup mode as well as a live-arc training mode, allowing the user to gain experience and build techniques in pre-weld exercises before seamlessly transitioning into real welding on GMAW, FCAW and SMAW processes.

LiveArc™ System Welding Performance Management System benefits:

Better Training

While utilizing a live arc, the intuitive system promotes user independence and provides objective, quantitative feedback on key performance parameters.

Faster Results

Independent usage accelerates personal development. Accelerated training times put trainees in production lines faster while shorter educational periods allow trainees to focus on additional learning opportunities.

More Cost Effective

Trainers and educators have more time for one-on-one training while pre-weld simulation saves money on coupons and consumables. Also reduces the frequency of poor-quality welding and defects, rework and downtime.

Additional FREE software!

Pairs well with Miller’s OpenBook™ – a FREE software application used to plan, implement, and assess the learning processes!

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