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Kern OptiFlex Laser Cutter

The OptiFlex is Kern’s flagship large-format, high-performance CO2 laser cutting and engraving system. This is the most popular and versatile machine in Kern’s product line. Every Kern Laser is proudly made in the USA.

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High Performance Meets Versatility

Kern’s OptiFlex is the most popular and versatile laser in their line up.  Metal cutting, acrylic fabrication, and high-speed engraving make it the machine of choice across a variety of industries.

The open bed design allows materials to be handled from all sides of the table and gives users the control and access many enclosed systems lack.

The HyperDual motion package features a rack and pinion design with powerful servo motors on each side of the laser table, resulting in greater speed and acceleration. The X-axis has also been upgraded with twin linear rails and a thicker steel reinforced belt.

Available in four table sizes, the OptiFlex is setting the standard for large format laser cutting and engraving systems.

Available Sizes

Work Area52" x 50"52" x 100"60" x 120"80" x 120"
(W x L x H)
74" x 87" x 53"74" x 137" x 53"82" x 157" x 53"102" x 157" x 53"
*Part Clearance3"3"3"3"
System Weight3,500 lbs.4,700 lbs.5,500 lbs.6,500 lbs.
* Z-axis height can be customized.

Standard Features

  • High Quality Laser – Manufactured in the USA by Kern Technologies
  • HyperDual Motion Package – Provides smooth cut radiuses, quick acceleration, and fast processing speeds
  • Multifunctional Exhaust System – Blower package removes fumes and small debris created during laser processing, integrated downdraft table holds material secure to table during processing
  • Chilling Unit – Closed-loop unit will properly cool laser source for longer laser lifetime and consistent cutting and engraving results
  • Computer / Software – High-performance computer and monitor package included with each system. KCAM laser software, CorelDRAW, and an easy-to-use PDF converter are pre-installed on the computer
  • Safety – A UL certified electrical panel turns on and shuts down components of the laser system. US CDRH compliance include emergency stop buttons, interlocked access points, and a 5 second safety key switch
  • Steel Chassis – Precision machined, one piece heavy duty steel weldment machine base allows the machine to arrive fully assembled, greatly reducing installation time

OptiFlex Specifcations

Laser ClassificationClass 4 CO2 Laser
Laser Wattage100, 150, 200, 250, and 400 watts
*Positioning Accuracy+/- .002"/ft
Repeatability+/- .0005"/ft
Max Cutting Speed20"/sec
Max Engraving Speed150"/sec
Electrical230v/1ph, 230v/3ph, 415v/3ph CE, 480v/3ph
Vacuum BlowerTwo Blowers, each 1500 CFM or greater
Air Assist100 - 250 PSI (9 - 17 BAR)
Options AvailableMetal Cutting, K-Vision Camera, and Pipe Rotary
*Mapped table, under controlled conditions.
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