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Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer

The Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer is a blazing fast masked SLA 3D printer that combines an industry-leading materials library with a reliable, accurate print engine. Turn your ideas into reality faster than ever with easy workflows, leading reliability, and stunning part quality using the Form 4 ecosystem.

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Exceed the Speed Limit

Introducing the Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer. The Form 4 is a blazing fast masked SLA 3D printer that has an industry-leading materials library as well as a reliable and accurate print engine. The new streamlined workflows and exceptional reliability allow you to transform your ideas into high-quality parts faster than ever before.

The muscle behind the blazing fast speed of the new Form 4 is Formlabs’ innovative Low Force Display™ Print Engine, featuring high-power LEDs, precision lenses, optical filters, and a robust liquid crystal display. This system ensures swift and consistent curing of resin layers, producing parts that match design parameters precisely.

For those interested in biocompatible materials, the Form 4B is also available.

4 Steps to Fast Prints

Allegheny Educational Systems Formlabs Form 4 PreForm Software on laptop

1. Prepare

Go from CAD to printing in minutes with just a few clicks using Formlabs free PreForm software.

Allegheny Educational Systems Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer

2. Print

Monitor your prints and manage your printers from anywhere with an integrated camera, printer diagnostic tools, and free Dashboard Software.

Allegheny Educational Systems Formlabs Form 4 3D Post-Process

3. Post-Process

Easy, effective post-processing in just fifteen minutes with quick-release Build Platform Flex, Form Wash, and Form Cure.

Allegheny Educational Systems Formlabs Form 4 3D Printer finished parts

4. Finish

Use finished parts as they are or opt to sand, paint, coat, or electroplate them.

Meet the Team

It takes a team to keep race cars moving at top speed, and the Form 4 is no different. Here are the components that work together to give you the speed to finish first.

  • Form 4 Build Platform and Build Platform Flex with Quick Release Technology – Manufactured with a durable aluminum surface, the Form 4 Build Platform and Build Platform Flex allow you to quickly and easily remove parts from the print surface.
  • Resin Tank – Flexible yet strong dual-layer film tank used for printing and to store resin. Every resin tank includes a reusable lid, making it easy to stack tanks and store resin outside of the machine. With a separate tank for each individual resin color or type, switching materials is as easy as sliding in a new tank.
  • Form 4 Resin Mixer – Improve the performance of your material and and keep your resin homogenous in the tank during the printing process with the Resin Mixer. This Mixer is required anytime you are printing and typically last for the lifetime of your printer. (One Resin Mixer is recommended per Resin Tank.)
  • Form Wash – Automatically clean your printed parts thoroughly and efficiently with IPA or alternative solvents.
  • Solvent Pump is a battery-powered pump that quickly fills and empties a wash bucket for Form Wash. Solvent Pump eliminates the risk of chemical spills and simplifies your workflow.
  • Form 4 Finish Kit – Put the finishing touches on your parts quickly and easily while keeping your workspace clean and organized. Includes two rinse buckets, rinse basket, removal tool, plastic tank scraper, Build Platform jig, flush cutters, squeeze bottle, and disposable nitrile gloves.

Ready hit the gas on your 3D printing? Request a quote today or download the Form 4 info sheet.

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