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ConsuLab Truck and Heavy Equipment

ConsuLab Truck and Heavy Equipment training tools are innovative solutions that empower students to learn complex concepts hands-on, from diagnosing engine issues to understanding alignment geometry. A range of trainers including engine benches, transmission cutaways, steering system trainers, and HVAC systems offer an engaging and practical approach to education, enhancing students’ skills in an interactive and accessible manner.

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Rev Up Your Learning with Truck & Heavy Equipment Trainers

Explore a variety of ConsuLab training solutions, from engine benches to HVAC trainers for heavy vehicles. These innovative tools enhance student learning by offering hands-on experience and practical insights into complex systems. You will find multiple highly engineered, intuitive training solutions in each of the following categories:

  • Diesel Engine
  • Suspension and Steering
  • Drivetrain
  • Electrical/Electronic Systems
  • Brakes
  • HVAC

We’ve curated a few of our favorite trainers from each category with you in mind. To view ConsuLab’s full Product Catalog, click here.

Diesel Engine

ConsuLink Engine Bench Cummins B6.7 EPA 2021 New

Introducing the ConsuLinkTM Cummins B6.7 engine bench—an innovative educational tool. Empowering students with intuitive diagnostic training through ConsuLinkTM platform. Cummins B6.7 showcases modern diesel tech with advanced emissions systems. Integrated breakout boxes for ECU and DLC. Student exercises, touch display, and operational demos. Realistic fault responses and after-treatment demos. Comprehensive features for efficient teaching. Ideal for learning about 2021 Cummins B6.7 EPA technology.

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Cutaway Allison Transmission – 1000 Series

The ConsuLab EC-1106-1_052742 Cutaway Allison Transmission offers insight into heavy-duty automatic transmission operations. Purpose-built for educational use, it provides visual access to internal functions. The Allison 1000 series, widely employed in trucks and light vehicles, is fully automatic with torque converter drive. It showcases up to 6 forward speeds, including overdrive. Advantages include hand-crank operation, visualizing gear mechanics, and regulated air pressure for gear shifts.

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Air Brake Driving Simulator

The ConsuLab HV-125-BWP Air Brake Driving Simulator is a comprehensive tool for teaching air brake systems. It offers realistic road tests, live data viewing, and simulations of various driving conditions. The simulator complies with FMVSS121 standards, featuring D.O.T. approved components. It demonstrates ABS, ESP, and ATC functions, allowing students to experience electronic control valve reactions. With optional defective components, it aids in electrical and pneumatic diagnosis. The system fits standard doorways, making setup easy, and includes individual wheel speed screens.

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Suspension and Steering

Heavy Truck Steering System Trainer

The ConsuLab HV-130 Heavy Truck Steering System Trainer is a versatile tool for teaching alignment geometry and steering component functions. With easy visualizations and adjustable components, students grasp concepts effectively. The trainer’s safety, portability, and broad axle coverage enhance its educational value. It demonstrates axle alignment’s impact on drivability and fuel consumption. Fully operational steering gear showcases steering components’ action without hydraulic power. The package includes student assignments following manufacturer procedures.

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Electrical/Electronic Systems

Connector Trainer – Circuit and Signal Acquisition

The Connector Trainer by ConsuLab offers an interactive learning system for students to practice safe and effective circuit probing and signal acquisition. With simulated ECU, sensors, and connectors, it enables voltage, resistance, and waveform measurements using oscilloscopes and digital multimeters. The tabletop format, along with instructor-controlled fault scenarios, facilitates skill enhancement. Designed for real-world repair activities, this self-contained unit provides practical exercises, offering up to 25+ hours of instructional time.

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Stand-Alone Heavy Vehicle HVAC Trainer – M2

The HV-101 Heavy Vehicle HVAC System, modeled on a Freightliner Business Class M2 truck, provides comprehensive air conditioning instruction. With OEM components and accessible electrical test points, students gain hands-on HVAC training. Fault insertion allows real-world diagnostic practice. The system operates without full vehicles, enhancing component accessibility and safety. A functional bench-mounted design ensures mobility. Clear sight glasses and service ports aid observation and service. Safety features, including shields and guards, prevent injuries. A practical learning tool for understanding heavy vehicle HVAC systems.

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