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CEF Maker Carts and Charging Stations

Want a great addition to your makerspace, classroom, art class or any other area where you need mobile storage? CEF Inc. offers a range of compact Maker Carts with features like mobile device charging, electrical outlets, tool pegboards, and storage bins.

For charging solutions, CEF is committed to making it easier for you to manage your districts’ mobile devices by manufacturing solutions that deliver quality and functionality and accommodate any device on the market.

All Carts are proudly hand assembled in CEF’s North Carolina factory.

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CEF Maker Cart options include:

The Stewart Storage Cart

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF Stewart Storage Cart

The Stewart Storage Cart is the perfect addition to your makerspace or classroom. This thoughtful design was created by students with makerspace in mind! The Stewart Storage Cart comes with a double sided 10 bin storage capacity. It features a peg board side and 5″ heavy duty casters. Optional lids and dividers are available for the storage bins and an additional peg board can be added to the other side.

The Multi-Maker Cart

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF Multi Maker Cart

This compact, feature rich multi-maker cart has a small footprint with a big impact. The Multi-Maker cart can be used as a presentation cart, a great addition to your makerspace room, or a charging and storage solution for a classroom or media center.

The Multi-Maker XL

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF Multi Maker Cart XL

The Multi-Maker Cart XL offers pull out shelves and keyboard tray for easy access, locking front doors, as well as a peg board back for additional storage. All locking/all swivel casters and an internal electrical-6 outlet with 20′ cord is also included.

Chromebook & Tabletop Charging Carts


Allegheny Educational Systems CEF Chromebook lc 1 30 Charging Cart

The LC-1-30 has been a top seller for Chromebooks! It comes equipped with 30 charging slots, 36 electrical outlets, easy-to-use cable management, and a front & rear locking door. In addition to using it as a charging cart, it can also be used to instruct from. It comes standard with a top grommet and extra electrical for a teacher laptop.

T1-10 and 15 Tabletop Models

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF Tabletop Charging Station

The Tabletop T1-10 and T1-15’s have been installed into schools all across America! It’s compact size and ability to store iPad Mini’s and up to 14″ Chromebooks or other devices, has quickly launched this petite charging cabinet into large district-wide opportunities. Offered in 10 and 15 slot increments with easy to use cable management, this is a must have if you need simple, small storage!

EZU and EZN Series Charging Carts

EZU Series

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF EZU Series Charging Cart

The EZU Series has proven to be a favorite among districts with large classroom sizes and BYOD implementation. The EZU is offered in a 32 slot increment and can store and charge devices up to 18″ in length. The EZU device dividers are reduced in size to accommodate small devices up to large devices. It’s small footprint allows for easy storage and mobility.

EZN Series

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF EZN Series Charging Cart

The EZN Series stores and charges devices up to 15″ and is offered in 16, 24, or 32 slot increments. The EZN boasts a unique pull out drawer design for easy access to power modules and cables. In addition, cable management for holding and organizing charging cables is mounted in the front of the drawer for functional and student-friendly ease of use!

CEF Charging Station options include:

The Multi-Maker Charging Cart

Allegheny Educational Systems CEF + Multi Maker Charging Cart

Perfect for smaller Chromebooks & iPads, The Multi-Maker Cart with charging has been designed with 10, 15, and 18 adjustable slot increments. This allows districts to customize the cart specific to their needs and then re-purpose its use after device deployment expiration by simply removing the charging boxes.

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