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Amatrol – Geothermal and Steam Learning Systems

Amatrol has developed several systems to provide training for the ever-growing area of geothermal energy.

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The Geothermal Learning System (950-GEO1) begins with an introduction to geothermal heat pump systems and moves rapidly into the concepts and components that make a geothermal system operate; these include closed-loop circuits, compressors, condensers, evaporators, metering devices, refrigerants, suction line accumulators, receivers, dryers, moisture indicators, thermostats, controllers, blowers, heat-pump system start-up and operation, and overall system performance.

Steam Systems 1 Learning System covers the operation, installation, maintenance, and repair of steam systems, as well as important concepts like internal energy, specific heat capacity, and flash steam, as well as important calculation for steam power, such as calculating the change in enthalpy caused by phase change. Examples of skills include the startup, shutdown, and blowdown of a boiler; the operation of an OS&Y valve; and how to test a steam trap.

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