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Allegheny Educational Systems East Stroudsburg Uni 3D print expansion

Stratasys / Epilog

East Stroudsburg University and their G3 Design Lab was recently featured in an article by TCT Magazine . The article highlights the new certificate program developed by ESU’s Art and Design faculty for their Art and Design students. This new certificate focuses on 3D printing and product design, with the intention of preparing students to use the latest 3D equipment in graphic and object design.

Students will have the opportunity to utilize the Lab’s equipment, including design software, 3D printers and scanners, a vacuum press and computer-guided laser cutting and etching machinery. Also highlighted in the article is the highly advanced, industry-standard equipment including the new Stratasys J750 3D Printer – the addition of which has resulted in the facility earning a ‘superlab’ status earlier this year.

ESU’s G3 Design Lab and forward-thinking faculty are working together to ensure that the new 3D printing certificate program will lead to work placements and internships for their students.

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