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Allegheny Educational Systems Case Study Riverpoint Students Working


Riverpoint Academy, a high school located in Washington State known for its interdisciplinary, project-based STEM curriculum, added a D.I.Wire to their makerspace shop in 2015. A desktop wire bender was something new to the Riverpoint Academy (RA) learning space, and at first, students were unaware of the capabilities of such a small machine.

Once students became familiar with the capabilities of the desktop CNC wire bender, they quickly began engaging with the D.I.Wire. Rough concepts turned into sketches and designs, then working prototypes, and then final products incorporating CNC mills, 3D printers, and collaboration with other students.

The students and faculty at Riverpoint Academy now see the D.I.Wire as a unique catalyst in their space. Access to the D.I.Wire encourages students to think about how bent wire designs can be used as part of a larger design.

Visit our D.I.Wire page to learn more.

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