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CNC Technology

CNC Technology Driving MHS Students To a Brighter Future

Source Valentine, Maryann. “CNC Technology Driving MHS Students To a Brighter Future.” Techno CNC Systems, 2018. 1/17/2018.

Mineola High School recently upgraded their Tech Ed woodworking and metal working classroom to “Fab Lab” level by introducing some of the most advanced technological CNC equipment used in the industry. The school acquired a Techno CNC Plasma Cutter and CNC Router; turning their Lab into one of the only high school programs on Long Island to offer the advanced technology curriculum.

The distinction of the program and expanded capabilities of the equipment lend to the excitement and eagerness the students have shown for utilizing the new CAD/CAM technology. Not only have the Tech students found new creative and engineering possibilities; other departments such as the Robotics Club, Theater, and Business Ownership & Marketing are getting in on the fun as well. From manufacturing robotic team parts, designing props and new stage lighting, to manufacturing fundraising and school store products – the Techno CNC equipment has transformed the way Mineola High School students learn, create and prosper – preparing their way for more advanced technology classes and real world career path interests.

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