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Attention Roland TrueVIS SG and TrueVIS VG customers! Get a jump on the Roland DGA TrueVIS Value-Up Program and start taking advantage of the benefits today!

Beginning in February of 2021, first-generation TR inks will no longer be available from Roland DGA. We encourage you to “Value-Up” and complete this upgrade to your system by January 2021.

If you are an existing SG or VG customer, you can download the free firmware updates which enable your printer to run with the new and improved TR2 second-generation TrueVIS inks.

Roland’s new and improved TR2 inks offer significant performance and cost benefits over the original formulations, while the firmware update also enhances the capabilities of first-generation TrueVIS devices to perform similar to second-generation TrueVIS VG2 and SG2 devices.

By following a simple ink conversion process that includes both firmware and RIP software upgrades, TrueVIS VG and SG owners can start taking advantage of the following improvements and new features:

  • Maximize imaging capabilities with the new “True Rich Color” preset for stunningly vibrant graphics.
  • Produce long-lasting, quality imprints using the new TR2 inks, which are certified by a 3MTM MCSTM Warranty and Avery Dennison ICS Performance Guarantee.
  • New TR2 inks offer increased scratch resistance, alcohol resistance, and washability.
  • Ink consumption is greatly reduced due to an automated maintenance sequence.
  • VG and SG owners will also obtain a host of new features to improve Print & Cut accuracy and usability, including crop mark options for more stable cutting performance when cutting laminated printed materials, a PerfCut mode for printing, cutting and die-cutting in one seamless operation, and more.
  • The Roland DG Mobile Panel 2 lets you perform control panel functions, including test-printing and cleaning, from your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth connection.
  • Upgraded VG and SG series devices will support the latest TU-4 take-up unit (sold separately), enabling various media to be taken up with increased accuracy and stability.
  • If a print head has missing nozzles, the “Nozzle Mask” function can continue printing using the remaining print heads, reducing printer downtime while waiting for an on-site technician.

Owners of TrueVIS VG and SG printer/cutters can upgrade their devices and convert to the newer inks by downloading the specified firmware and the latest version of Roland’s VersaWorks® 6 software RIP. To begin the process, users can visit or contact us for assistance.

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