Stratasys FDM Preventive Care Maintenance Program

Prevent problems and extend the life of your Stratasys FDM 3D Printer with Allegheny's "Stratasys FDM Preventive Care Maintenance Program."

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A factory-trained Allegheny Educational Systems technician will perform the following preventive maintenance on your machine:


- Empty the purge bucket.
- Wipe down the guide rods and inspect them for rust; replace the assembly if necessary. XY Table         Assembly would only be done as needed.
- Remove built-up material debris around Z-Stage casting.
- Vacuum out the build chamber.
- Clean the electronics bay fan filter.
- Using soap and water on a damp cloth: clean the exterior, including the door.

Head Assembly:

- Inspect the tip wipe assembly for material build-up and wear; replace if necessary.
- Make sure the toggle bar is the crimped design. Verify with Technical Support.
- Replace the head cover (if needed). (1200 and uPrint)
- Replace blower head cooling assembly (if needed).


Build Chamber:

- Ensure that chamber lights are functional; replace if necessary.
- Blow out the material bay filament present switches using compressed air. (uPrints only)
- Verify the system has blue substrate latches (modeling base retainers); if latches are black, replace   with blue.
- Inspect the Z Substrate Assembly to ensure it includes a gray plunger. If the plunger is not the gray version, replace the assembly.
- Inspect tip shield for material build-up and wear; replace if necessary or clean with wire brush (depends on model #). 

Material Bay:

- Check that material bay communication cable thumbscrews are tight on both sides. (uPrint only)



- Check that both Catalyst and Controller Software are the latest versions. If not, update software.
- Run "Z Cal.-
- Run XY Offset calibration (may need to run multiples)
- Updating Firmware may require Part-Based Calibration as well
- Verify with customer that quality of 3D-printed parts is satisfactory.

NOTE:  Any additional parts and labor will not be included in the initial PCM visit, and any additional parts and labor cost estimates will be sent to the customer for approval before any additional work will begin. 

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