Robotic Education Cell 2.0

Advancing the Manufacturing Skills of the Next Generation

Manufacturing and fabrication have changed dramatically.  Competitive pressure has expanded and businesses of all sizes are now competing on a global level.  With that fact, the skills and the capabilities of manufacturing companies have been challenged to increase productivity, improve quality all while reducing costs.  Coupled with the critical shortage of skilled labor, the manufacturing industry needs to implement automated fabrication processes and solutions to remain competitive.  Robotics will play a major role in manufacturing and fabrication today and in the future.  Robotic education is a key initiative for many employers and, therefore plays a major part in training and education programs.

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To help welding instructors achieve these new skills and enhance training in the classroom and welding lab, Lincoln Electric has delivered a training system to demonstrate and teach real-life industrial robotic concepts, capabilities, programming and robotic welding.

Teach Pendant For Robotic Welding Education Cell 2.0 Web     Collapsable Table To Expand The Working Area Of Robotic Welding Education Cell 2.0 Web    Robotic Education Cell 2.0 Transportable Web


  • Expandable work surface provides the instructor room to teach robotic programming and welding skills.
  • Small system footprint easily incorporates into a classroom or welding lab.
  • Designed to fit through a standard doorway, the Education Cell can be moved from classroom to classroom to welding lab and positioned for best viewing during demonstrations, training and programming. 
  • Provides everything you need right at your fingertips to present a manufacturing ready robotic welding system.  Includes Lincoln Electric robotic welding equipment and welding wire, integrated safety measures in the work cell design, and FANUC Robotics robot and software.
  • Integrated safety measures incorporated into the work cell design and robotic software.  Welding hand sheilds are provided with the robotic system.

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