D.I.Wire PRO

Introducing the D.I.Wire PRO, the newest CNC wire bender, offering the kind of power, speed, and precision that professionals never thought possible from a bench-top machine.

Di Wire Pro

The D.I.Wire PRO bridges the gap between time-consuming hand-bending and expensive large-scale, mass production CNC wire bending.  Create smooth, tight radius curves for a range of wire from the fine orthodontic wire to stainless steel rod for industries including automotive, home appliances, furniture, robotics and more.

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What Kind of Output Can I Expect?

Bump Bend Graphic

Bump Bends - Bump bend up to 180°.  Use bump bending to create segmented bends and control bend points in Path Mode or Script Mode.  The minimum radius relates to materials and mandrels - - order custom hardware to fit your needs.

Smooth Curves

Smooth Curves - Use Script Mode to achieve smooth curves.  Small radii are created by using very close bump bends, allowing for gentle, open curves or tighter shapes like circles.

Continuous Roll Bend

Continuous Roll Bend - In Script Mode, use G-code to produce curves by feeding wire around the mandrel as it is bending.  Known as a roll bend in the wire industry, this allows you to make sweeping curves and even coiled shapes like a helix or spring.

Di Wire Table Example 

What have we bent?  The D.I.Wire PRO is versatile, bending simple or intricate shapes.

Di Wire Pro   Coils  Coils

 Di Wire Pro   Repeatable And Accurate  Repeatable & Accurate

Di Wire Pro   Smooth Curves  Smooth Curves

Di Wire Pro Range Of Sizes  Range of Sizes


- Great for rapid prototyping & short run production.
- Create segmented or smooth shapes.
- Bends up to 180 °.
- Strong enough for stainless steel.
- Professional-level accuracy and repeatability.
- Handles wire diameters 0.028" to 0.1875".

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Can't decide which D.I.Wire Desktop Bender is right for you?  Download the D.I.Wire+ / D.I.Wire PRO Comparison Sheet.