Epilog Fusion Laser System

Fusion Laser System

The Epilog Fusion M2 32 and Fusion M2 40 Laser Systems are available in CO2, fiber or dual-source configurations and outfitted with Epilog's new motion control system for higher speeds and the best edge quality when cutting.

The Fusion Laser by Epilog is loaded with some of the most unique features ever put into a laser system.

  • Laser Dashboardâ„¢ Driver
  • Robust, motorized table capable of lifting 100 lbs
  • 3D Engraving Mode
  • CO2, fiber, or dual-source configurations
  • 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 or 120 watt CO2 laser
  • 30 or 50 watt fiber laser
  • Drop-down front door and removable exhaust panel

    ...and much more!


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