ez Router Mini

The ez Router Mini systems are larger tabletop stepper-based machines. Available in three sizes: 30” x 30”, 30” x 48” and 40” x 40”.   A more powerful 3.25HP Porter-Cable spindle and larger travel make these some of the most capable tabletop CNC Routers on the market. 

All systems ship complete with 3.25HP Porter-Cable spindle, aluminum extrusion bed (optional MDF bed pictured), automatic Z-setter plate, aluminum dust foot, router bit/collet starter kit, Mach3 control, PC controller and Vcarve Pro software. Optional stand, HSD spindles, servo motor upgrade, vacuum tables and 4th axis rotary are available.

30x30ez Mini

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  • Windows 7 PC Controller
  • V Carve Pro CAD
  • Mach 3 Software
  • Fully welded steel frame
  • Self Cleaning precision V Groove guide
  • 6" standard gantry clearance
  • Stepper Motors
  • Dual-side drive on the Y-axis
  • Rack and Pinion on the X & Y-axis
  • Ball Screw Z-axis
  • Table top or free standing
  • 800 IPM traverse speeds on 30x48 and 40x40
  • 150 IPM on Z motion
  • E Chain cable protection
  • Limit switch on all 3 axis
  • 2 year warranty on parts and labor
  • Auto Racking

E Z Mini Cnc Router1  E Z Mini Cnc Router2


  • Bed:  T-Slot, Vacuum and/or Vacuum T-Slot
  • HSD Spindles in Manual Tool and Auto Tool Change
  • Tangential Knife
  • Extended gantry clearance and Z stroke
  • Rotary
  • Servo Motors
  • Mister System
  • Cold Air Gun
  • Drill Banks
  • Aspire 3D Software
  • Photo V Carve Software
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Vacuum Pumps
  • Casters

Position Speeds (X,Y,Z): 750,750,500 IPM
Step Resolution: .0005"
Positioning Accuracy: .002"
Cutting Accuracy: (+/-) .005"
Axis Drive System (X,Y) Rack & Pinion
Axis Drive System (Z): Lead Screw

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