Forest Scientific CRP Clean Room Metal Torch

Crp Clean Room Metal Torch

The Forest Scientific CRP Clean Room Metal Torch is a fully enclosed system that is perfect for clean rooms and engineering labs. 

The CRP Clean Room Metal Torch cuts steel faster than a waterjet and is also able to cut aluminum, copper and brass.  It produces near laser-quality fine cutting up to 1/4" steel and is able to cut up to 5/8" steel and complete low resolution metal marking as well as standard cutting of consumables.

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  • 110v or 240v operation requires compressed air
  • Closed-Loop Hybrid Servo Control System
  • Downdraft grid table and ports allow you to exhaust fumes outside or to a filtration system
  • Automatic torch height
  • Automatic voltage detection, current set from computer
  • Includes fine marking and standard cutting of consumables
  • Optional in-room filtration system
  • Optional ultra quiet dry air compressor

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