Wind Turbine Technology Learning Systems

Wind Turbine Technology Learning Systems:

Hands-On, Job-Ready Skills for Utility Scale Wind Technicians: Wind Turbine Technicians are in demand – with few to be found. They are uniquely skilled, handling a wide breadth of operational and maintenance issues, frequently while a hundred meters in the air. The job skills they require incorporate many traditional technical disciplines like electric motor control, wiring, rotating machines, hydraulics, mechanical drives, networks, etc., along with more specialized skills in wind turbine nacelles, hubs, and turbine generator control units.

Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program prepares Wind Turbine Technicians to confidently assess and remedy the many challenges they will face on-the-job. Troubleshooting and problem solving across all the technologies required for Wind Turbine Technicians are keystones for Amatrol’s Wind Turbine Technology program.

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The program incorporates the skill development needed for job success, ranging from basic operation to complex troubleshooting. The learning topics are comprised of problem-solving activities designed to create adaptive skills for new situations such as voltage fluctuation, pressure and flow issues, etc. The program emphasizes demonstration of skills in addition to knowledge assessment to prepare students for real work readiness.

While technical skills are essential for Utility Scale Wind Turbine Technicians, being able to communicate effectively is also critical as technicians seek assistance, often from a distance. Amatrol’s Enterprise Systems teaches students these types of effective workplace.