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Amatrol's Skill Boss is a hands-on skill training and assessment system that integrates seamlessly into any manufacturing program, and is the required assessment tool for MSSC's CPT Plus certification.

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Hands-On Training

Skill Boss provides the tool you need to teach or evaluate an individual's skills as they install, adjust, and troubleshoot components of this fully functional mechatronics system - applicable to both discrete parts and process manufacturing.

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CPT Plus Assessment

MSSC's CPT Plus certification provides employers with further proof of an individual's skill set by requiring successful demonstration of hands-on skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power, and mechanical systems.  The Skill Boss is the only MSSC-approved assessment tool for certification.

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Portable and Affordable

Skill Boss evaluates over 60 essential manufacturing skills, all in a portable desk-top unit that your school can afford!  Contact Us to learn more, or Request a Quote for pricing.