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Hands-on training and performance-based assessment for mechatronics.
Required for MSSC CPT Plus Certification.

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Skill Boss provides the tool you need to teach or evaluate an individual's skills as they install, adjust, and troubleshoot components on this fully functional mechatronics system, applicable to both discrete parts and process manufacturing.

Performing a real-world sorting and finishing process, Skill Boss automatically feeds parts into the system where they are rejected or accepted to continue the process.  If accepted, the parts are buffed with a polishing wheel before a 3-axis robotic pick & place system picks up the part and moves it into the "finished goods" based on its material.

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Skill Boss is designed to assess the hands-on skills needed by today's advanced manufacturing production areas including assembly and machine operation. No other system boasts this many technologies in a portable platform.

Skill Boss Evaluates over 60 Essential Manufacturing Skills Including:


  • Perform pre-start up inspection
  • Demonstrate lockout/tagout procedure
  • Confirm safety interlocks on guard are functional
  • Confirm zero energy state of all power sources
  • Locate and interpret safety data sheet(s)


  • Perform measurements using tape measure, caliper, micrometer, and dial indicator
  • Compare measurements to GDT specifications on a print
  • Measure and verify shaft runout falls within specified tolerance

Production Processes

  • Locate parts and fasteners for assembly operation using a blueprint
  • Assemble parts using Allen wrenches, wrenches, and screwdrivers
  • Use torque wrench to properly tighten a fastener
  • Navigate menus on an HMI
  • Manually operate cylinders
  • Perform an emergency shutdown
  • Reset Alarm and restart machine
  • Measure cycle time

Maintenance Awareness

  • Adjust pneumatic lubricator's drip rate
  • Adjust pressure regulator's setting
  • Adjust actuator speed using flow control valves
  • Install a pillow block bearing and shaft
  • Install a flexible coupling and shaft
  • Align and tension a belt drive
  • Lubricate a bearing using a grease gun
  • Drain an air filter
  • Connect pneumatic circuit using a schematic
  • Adjust various sensors

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"CPT Plus" Certification Assessment

CPT Plus certification provides employers further proof of an individual's skill set by requiring successful demonstration of hands-on skills in electronic, electrical, fluid power, and mechanical systems.

Skill Boss, designed to meet MSSC standards, is a hands-on skill training and assessment system that integrates seamlessly into any manufacturing program and is required for CPT Plus certification.

Download the Skill Boss brochure for more information.